Salvage Crew

Star Captain Krueger Hask and crew

Sci fi skirmish game Stargrave has been my main hobby focus for a while now. i’ve had a lot of fun collecting together miniatures from different ranges and trying to build and paint crews that look like they belong together. I have found Warlord’s Gates of Antares figures work well alongside North Star’s official plastic kits and metal range. Also CP models have a fantastic range of aliens which work well as crew members and bounty hunters! I have used all of the ranges mentioned in the crew pictured above.

This miniature from Beyond the Gates of Antares is a favourite of mine

The game offers a lot of scope for building starship crews, the systems flexibility allows any theme from Cliff Hanger serials or a galaxy far far away to a grim dark war torn universe. Your captain could be anything from a military veteran, a wily rogue, deranged cyborg or super powered mystic!
Like all of author Joe McCullough’s games, he leaves a lot to the imagination which I love.

Stargrave plays fast and furious. It’s easy to learn and challenging to play. Oh yes it’s challenging! So I’m playing through my second campaign now, and two games in half my crew (Kaptin Rustclaws Marauders) have been killed in action! We have chosen to play the crew with the most credits at the end wins the campaign. With this in mind I’m not doing so well having to replace dead specialists this early on is expensive. Mission 2 is called Salvage Crew, I had to salvage my crew! But I like to play in character so if Kaptin Rustclaw wants to save his own skin, then some poor runt is going to get pushed in the way of incoming fire! A couple of runts and my gunner got taken out by a crashed spaceships gun turret, OUCH!

Kaptin Rustclaw’s Marauders

But it’s early days in the campaign so maybe the Ork crew will come out on top. Next up we have a fight with a sewer dragon!

I’ll keep you updated with how things are going with Stargrave.. More soon.

Kaptin Rustclaw and runt

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